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List of the Best History podcasts and books Ever!

Are you interested in history podcasts and history degrees? If you are, then this is the place for you to get a reading list! Usually, history is one of the most entertaining reads and discussions, isn’t it? History will equip you with the knowledge needed to make sound decisions and think critically. And, despite everything that happens in modern times, scholars keep their eye on the past and study it carefully to help solve the present day’s challenges. Who doesn’t want to know about the Ancient Rome, the Greek Mythologies or Egyptian civilization? I’m pretty sure you want to know the best history books to read!

History of the people of England

One of the most important topics to explore in your study is about the English. You need to know why their language is so popular around the world and how they survived through the ages. And this stretches far into where the English started as a people. Oh, plus if you ever care why they have a Queen and King in charge, then you really should visit this book. I suggest that you look for books that are written in the original British English- plus sorry everyone, the original English is that which was spoken by the British. It began in the European country before spreading to America and other countries of the world. I’m sure you already want to get history books about the English people, don’t you?

History about Rome

The Roman empire is the other most popular topics in history. The rise and fall of the Roman empire is yet another topic that you need to read about. Millions throng in Italy every year to witness the remains of the Roman civilization. But you can sit down and read about the place instead and you will get a clearer picture. And, this will actually make you better at grasping the situation of the past than anyone who would visit there a million times. Noteworthy, visiting the place will only give you rough ideas about the civilization while reading makes you have finer details.

The people who changed the world of science

It is a mistake for people to think that only men made the impacts we have in science today. But, a close look will show you that women, too, made an indelible impact in the scientific world. You will get this better if you find books about the women who changed science and you will not regret. Well, you may have heard about Marie Curie, but definitely, she’s not the only person who has come up with important scientific innovations Also, do not forget to read history books about Rosalind Franklin who did great wok in the DNA. Again, have attention to Ada Lovelace who was mathematician, and a genius in that for that matter!

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