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Methods of Caring for Work Boots

Work boots are very important especially in cold areas and professions involving outdoor activities. One of the professions where boots are mandatory is the army since it entails walking in areas that might be harmful to the feet. Work boots are mainly made to protect the feet.Designers have however become more creative in making boots such that they have added a certain beauty feature to the boot aimed at improving the appearance of the wearer. It is, therefore, crucial to take care of boot since they protect both our feet and out appearance. One can take care of their boot in the following basic ways.

New leather work boot have to be broken in such that they get used to the feet. New shoes causes the toes to soar, hence when the new boot breaks in, the toes fit in comfortably. Putting on the leather boots in the house as many times as possible allows for the feet to get used to the boot, hence reducing the break-in time for the new work boot. some boot take a short time to break in while others take a long time. There are people who use conditioners to quicken the break-in time of the boots. It is necessary however to allow the boot to break in before applying the first waterproof.

The second way of protecting work boots is to apply waterproof. One has to clean the boots to get rid of all the dirt before waterproofing them with a water-based waterproof. The clean boots can then be waterproofed either when dry or wet. Waterproofing boots are done three times; after the first wash, then after three weeks, then finally one month after the second waterproofing. The three applications of waterproof is to ensure maximum boot protection.

Conclusively, work boots have to be cleaned regularly so as to ensure they remain in good condition. Cleaning the outer parts of the boots are done using water-based cleaning products and a nylon brush. Once dry, apply conditioners regularly to ensure that the leather stays lithe and elastic. A low-pH shampoo should be used to clean the inside of the boots. After washing, plenty of clean water should be used to rinse off all the shampoo. With the aim of maintaining the good shape of the boots, proper storage is advised such that the boots are not pressed or folded. Putting on the work boots for the right purpose is also a way of protecting them from wearing out faster. When we protect work boots, we are protecting our feet in a disguised manner.

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