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Innovative Dental Devices Throughout History

In the new age of dentistry, the future could include S-ray options that upload scans to dentists directly. The scans are possible with an innovative toothbrush that connects to smartphones. According to studies, the new practices lower exposure to radiation and offers a faster diagnosis. Before dental professionals expand into new horizons, it is important they learn the full history of the profession. Learning more about the history shows dental professionals how far the industry has come over the centuries.

Using Dental Drills

Using dental drills makes it easier for dentists to remove decay and improve the way teeth look. In 7,000 BC, the dental drills were used for the first time. According to archaeological discoveries, the Indus Valley Civilization was the first to use the drill for extracting rotten teeth and damaged tissue.

What Did Pierre Fauchard Write About?

Pierre Fauchard is considered the father of dentistry and wrote a book about dental practices. The book covered complex subject matter such as methods of eliminating decay and several services that restore the teeth. He discovered effective methods for treating periodontal disease and minimizing the effects of the disease. All procedures created by Fauchard appear in his book and become the foundation for modern dentistry.

The Creation of Dentures

The origin of dentures started with Guiseppangelo Fonzi. The Italian physician created the first set of porcelain teeth. His first creation used retentive pins that were molded into the dentures. It was not Fonzi that created the first dental impression compound. It was Charles Stent who is responsible for the technique used today to create dental impressions used for dentures.

The Establishment of Dental School

The first dentistry school was established in 1840 in Baltimore. The school provided professional training for prospective dentists. It was followed by schools such as Harvard University’s own dental school, which offers the Doctor of Dental Medicine degree to dental professionals.

Dental history outlines procedures and devices used to correct specific hindrances. The practices protect the teeth and gums. Some strategies are used to replace the teeth after a significant loss. Patients and dental professionals who want to learn more can read an informative post now.