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Factors That You Should Put Into Consideration When Developing A Character

Stories are mainly made up of certain characters. Essentially, these figures are elaborated as the story progresses. Subsequently, characters are used to develop the plot of the story. It should be noted that authors and storytellers take their time to develop the characters. This is because these characters have to serve a certain purpose in the entire story. Here are some of the guidelines when it comes to character development.

It is fundamental that you have a name for the character. It is not sensible to have nameless characters. Well, you cannot determine who is who when you do not have the names. However, coming up with a name is not an easy task. You should strive to give a name that captivates the readers. The name should rhyme with the background and heritage of the character.

Subsequently, it is recommended that you describe the character of the persona. One of the ways to achieve is by telling the physique and age of the character. You should thus the extra mile of describing the character. The other reason is that readers prefer when they have a clear picture of the character. The description will go a long way in drawing the emotions of the readers. As you describe the character, you should imagine what will go through the mind of the reader. Here, you should assess whether the image of the character is clearly brought out. Failure to conceptualize this can easily lead to loss of readers.

The other thing that you should have is a back story. Moreover, it is important that you make the readers understand the character’s background. If it is a fairy tale, then you can state that the princess comes from a famous loyal family. By doing this, you get to captivate the readers as they anxiously wait to see how they live. Moreover, this backstory makes it easy to elaborate on the behavior of the character. You should make sure that this story is consistent and clear to understand.

You bring the characters closer by giving them human-like traits. You should showcase that the character has some flaws. You can opt to show that he or she becomes sad or depressed. Characters that are depicted to have human traits tend to captivate readers. Additionally, you should desist from indicating that the character is 100% perfect. This tends to make the story boring. Moreover, the inclusion of flaws makes it easy for readers to relate to their real lives.

As you pinpoint the vulnerabilities, it is fundamental that you state their strengths. One of the ways of doing this is stating their iconic or heroic nature.

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